Override are a three piece grunge band formed in Birmingham, UK and made up of Rafael Szponarski on guitar and vocals, Matthew Hooper on drums and Tom Lloyd on bass. The love of three 'God bands' is apparent in the band's writing. Override has described their music as the 'making of a baby by Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana but not the outcome; the process'.

Lately, this style has been shifted away slowly and the band is now focusing on their strengths of versatility with keeping a large variety of tracks in a single set. From fast paced and bass heavy punk song ‘Lose Control’ to mind blowingly intensive riffs in ‘Danger' and 'Without Lies’. All whilst keeping strong melodic influence as heard on ‘Take Me Down', 'Come Out and Play' and 'Everything I Want’ with their explosive choruses and memorable solos.

Our Debut EP ‘Override’ has been received rather well worldwide. However, we feel like we can make much more of an impact with our music and reach more people who will join us on this incredible adventure across the country and perhaps the world!

Override are up and coming and travelling in time to learn secrets of the 90s and Michael Jackson's oxygen tank.